About Us

And we're still here...!!

Originally, the proprietors opened their first backpacker’s hostel in Adelaide, learning the necessary skills. Since the first hostel proved successful, and with the confidence of having learnt from earlier mistakes, Family members, Danny Tunno, Con Giakamozis, Stuart Spencer, Peter Tunno, and Rino Tunno purchased real estate in Waymouth Street in 2003.

Over the next 12 months, in early 2004, they converted the old heritage building into their new hostel and opened Adelaide’s Shakespeare International Backpackers Hostel.

In April 2008, Danny and Con decided to dedicate themselves full-time at Shakey’s after many years of working hard at both the family businesses. 

This move allowed them to take Shakey’s to the, “next level”.  The new focus was on providing outstanding customer service, cleanliness and developing local and regional tour sales, focusing on South Australia’s many beautiful tourist destinations.

Our Young and Lively Crew!

“Warmest thanks to all Shakey's crew for their hard work and outstanding contributions as a member of this business. We know how much time and energy this work demands, and we deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success. As always, it’s great to know that we and all guests can count on you and you will go the extra mile. Thank you again for all you guys what you do for this business.”.... Con (General Manager)


Director / General Manager / Legal / Computer Consultant / Technical Co-Ordinator

Since September 2015, Con is the day-to-day Operations Manager, Personnel, Legal, Computer Consultant, Technical and Systems Co-ordinator, Bookkeeper, and Philosopher.

Motto: “Service-To-Other. Not Service-To-Self

Company Director

 Dan is a genius. If it wasn't for him, up to now, this would all be a dream. A steady-minded idealist.

Motto: “Many try to come close but few ever succeed.”

Manager, Coordinator & Consultant

Favourite Saying: “Who, Me?!?”

Reception / Duty Manager

A young man, mature and reliable beyond his years. You’re in good hands with Yoshi. Yoshi is originally from Japan and currently studying Accounting at UniSA.

Reception / Duty Manager

Caring, steady and sensible. Ready with a smile, Giannina is always here to help. She is also a tertiary student of early childhood development here in Adelaide. Originally from Chile.

Primary Night Caretaker 

Keeps the place clean and tidy. He is our “Mr. No-Nonsense”. Quiet and sensible. Looks after the hostel and keeps guests safe and secure at night.

Primary Night Caretaker

Friendly and helpful.

Primary Night Caretaker

Our new Team Member. Originally from Nepal.